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Our Vision

Full of vibrant, diverse and caring communities

Connecting with our neighbours and communities creates a safe, welcoming, and multicultural Sydney.

Cuts to funding for women’s shelters and domestic violence prevention, dogwhistling from tired old political parties, and cruel policies towards refugees all make our community weaker.

When we care for our neighbours and welcome diversity, we create the type of society that everyone wants to be part of.

An affordable & sustainable built environment

A vibrant city welcomes and encourages residents from all walks of life—workers, students, artists and more.

By fixing our broken tax system we can make housing more affordable and invest millions in new public and affordable housing, we can ensure Sydney is a city for everyone.

We can have sustainability built into all new structures, world-class architecture and urban parklands to match our harbour’s stunning natural beauty.

A hub of culture, innovation and creativity

A humming amateur, emerging and professional creative scene is an essential component of any truly global city.

Funding cuts to Arts organisations, punitive late-night lockouts and a lack of affordable venues all hold back emerging artists and our cultural development.

Arts and culture reflect the evolving collective personality of a community, branching out into the sciences, creative industries and beyond to create a truly thriving society.

Quick, cheap and easy to get around

Public transport networks are the arteries of a healthy, functioning city, with the ability to move residents quickly from one part of the city to another.

Sydney has fallen behind equivalent modern cities in our integration of trains, trams, buses, ferries, bike-paths and pedestrian walkways.

A free and efficient public transport system means fewer polluting cars on the road, less inequality, and a more vibrant and interconnected place to live.

Powered by 100% renewable energy

A modern Sydney will be powered by solar, wind and wave power—100% renewable energy for a 100% sustainable city.

City of Sydney Council has made a good start in this direction, but the old parties in state and federal parliaments are addicted to coal, fossil fuels and corporate donations.

Publicly owned renewable energy infrastructure provides tens of thousands of new jobs, and is the cornerstone of a fairer new economy.

Our Vision for Sydney

Most of us who live in Sydney share common values about the type of city we want to live in and the communities we are a part of.

Inclusive, vibrant, sustainable and affordable—these are more than words, they are pillars on which the shared vision of our city is built.

Despite these common values, successive state and federal governments, backed by corporate donors and driven by party machines, have systemically undermined our potential to be the best city we can be.

Only by standing together can our many voices demand a better future.