About the Inner Sydney Greens

Local Groups – the core element of the Greens NSW

The Greens NSW are comprised of 59 local groups from across the state. The Inner Sydney Greens local group is comprised of members who live in

  • The City of Sydney
  • Darlinghurst
  • Glebe
  • Ultimo
  • Pyrmont
  • Chippendale
  • Kings Cross, Potts Point & Elizabeth Bay

Why does Inner Sydney Greens Exist?

Inner Sydney Greens is a Greens ‘Local Group’ constituted as a part of The Greens NSW party; which is in turn a part of the national Australian Greens party. It is separately incorporated and has its own constitution and rules which harmonise with the constitutions and rules of the NSW and Australian Greens.

The Four Pillars – our basic principles

The Greens in Australia is founded upon four basic principles, known as the ‘Four Pillars of the Greens’. These are the four principles which the Greens Parties have been brought into existence to defend, advance and uphold as public policy at every level of government.

• Environmental Justice and Sustainability

• Social Justice and Equality

• Peace and Non-Violence

• Grassroots Democracy and Accountability

The Inner Sydney Greens exists to represent and progress the realisation of the Four Pillars at the local level, but also to support progressive policies and local, state and national campaigns.

That means as well as conducting a well conceived political enterprise, which places consensus, respectful conduct and celebration of difference at its centre, Inner Sydney Greens also seeks to stimulate local debate and political awareness and to support and focus member political activity.

In Inner Sydney itself, we seek to defend the unique qualities of the inner city that (until now) has made it a model for the type of human scale development that preserves the most important community values of human life while also allowing the diversity and risk taking which allows vibrancy and excitement to abound in Australia’s leading city.

Campaigning for the Greens in Elections

Above all ISG exists to support Greens to campaign for the election of federal and state Members of Parliament and local City Councillors and the Mayor, both within Sydney and when our colleagues call upon us, further afield. The Inner Sydney Greens are responsible for campaigning in the local council of the City of Sydney, the state electorate of Sydney and the federal electorate of Sydney.

As there is some overlap with electorates and local groups, the Inner Sydney Greens also participate in campaigns in the electorates of Balmain, Newtown and Vaucluse in state elections and Grayndler, Heffron and Wentworth in federal elections.

Local Group functions in the Greens NSW

The various Greens Groups in NSW also have a number of direct functions within the party organisation. They provide community oversight, direction and support to the Greens including:

• Lower House Greens MPs through member’s representatives on local ‘reference groups’ – currently, members of the Inner Sydney Greens are taking part in the work of 2 local MPs, Jenny Leong for the state seat of Newtown, and Jamie Parker for the state seat of Balmain;

• Upper and Lower House MPs through the Parliamentary Liaison Committee or state wide portfolio ‘reference groups’;

• the local, state and federal Party in various elected Party governance positions and policy and liaison committees;

• Party policy by participating in the 6 State’s Delegates Council’s held each year (every 2 months), to determine state party policy and the NSW state position on federal policy matters, (including suggesting new policies or improvements to existing ones).

So if you want to be part of a party that will let you have a say and make a difference, The Greens NSW in general and Inner Sydney Greens in particular is for you!

Join the Greens

The Greens is Australia’s fastest growing political party. Founded on the principle of grassroots democracy, in the Greens every member can have input into key decisions. By joining the Greens, you can help to achieve a fair, sustainable and independent Australia. On joining, The Greens NSW will inform you of which local group you are in, based on your address. If you wish to join a different local group from where you live, e.g. close to your workplace, just let the Greens office know on joining.

THIS planet needs all the help it can get!